Cleaning and care guide

Natural Sheepskin

Sheepskin is thermostatic, keeps body temperature cooler in summer and warm in winter. Because sheep wool is rich in lanolin, it is naturally impermeable.
As it is 100% protein, it creates an environment that is not conductive to the development of bacteria, which will keep you away from diseases.
However, it is important to take care of your sheepskin products to preserve the individual character of each piece.
Your sheepskin rugs, throws, pillows will retain their good look and last longer if you follow the recommended care routine:

  • Shake often to remove dust
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight to avoid UV damage
  • Promplty attend to spills and stains
  • Never rub, brush the wool when it is damp or wet
  • Sheepskin is not suitable for bathrooms or outdoors, as the constant moisture could damage the leather backing.
  • Professionally dry clean only

Cowhide rugs will offer years of beauty with minimal care. The hide’s natural oils resist staining, simply wipe up any spills.
Follow the recommended care routine:

  • Shake often to remove dust
  • If a stain should occur, use neutral soap, warm water, and a soft brush to rub .
  • Can be swept or vacuumed clean
  • If the hide becomes very dirty, professionlly dry clean only